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American Woolen Company

Producers of the world’s finest worsted and woolen cloth.
Stafford Springs, CT
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American Woolen Company

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American Woolen Company

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Weekend Getaway Bag

This limited edition weekender bag is a special East Coast meets West Coast collaboration between American Woolen Company and Los Angeles based luxury brand, Graf Lantz.

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100 Years of
American Wool

American Woolen Company is an iconic name in the story of American textiles. Founded in 1899 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, American Woolen Company was the world’s largest wool manufacturer in the early part of the 20th century. Today, the Company is forging a new New England design movement from its headquarters in Stafford Springs, CT.

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100 Years of
American Wool

American Woolen Company is an important name in the story of American textiles. Founded in 1899 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, American Woolen Company was the world’s largest wool fabric manufacturer in the early part of the 20th century.

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Our Values

American Woolen Company is defining a new American design aesthetic, conceived and manufactured right where the domestic wool textile industry was born – New England. It is not merely that our fabrics, garments, and accessories are made here. We are preserving centuries old craftsmanship and forging a new New England style.



          Warren Mills is located in the center of Stafford Springs, a small town in the corner of northeastern CT. It was originally settled in 1719 by settlers devoted to cultivation of their land.



          By 1765, the town was famous for its natural mineral springs. After the Revolution, visitors came from all over the world to drink the iron and sulphur waters.



          Founded in 1853, Warren Mills would go on to become America’s most prominent manufacturer of fine camel hair and cashmere woolen fabrics.



          Founded in 1899 in Lawrence Massachusetts, American Woolen Company was the world’s largest wool fabric manufacturer in the early part of the 20th century.



          In 1988, famed Italian luxury goods group, Loro Piana, purchased the mill and invested a considerable amount of money to expand and upgrade its facilities, effectively creating America’s only premium quality wool mill.



          In 2014, the new American Woolen Company purchased the historic Warren Mills, the only remaining U.S. mill capable of producing the highest qualities of both worsted and woolen cloth.



          In 2017, American Woolen Company launched its first luxury garment collection with a commitment to preserving the craft and defining an authentic American style.

            Our Process

            American Woolen company has 3rd and 4th generation employees from Northeast Connecticut and southern Massachusetts who have passed down their craft over the decades. There is dedication to creating a superior finished product during every step. It is precisely these skills and knowledge, along with a meticulous attention to detail, that make our fabrics among the finest in the world.

            Fiber To Yarn

            Step 01 Fiber Dyeing
            Step 02 Blending
            Step 03 Carding
            Step 04 Spinning
            Step 05 Coning

            Yarn to Fabric

            Step 06 Dressing/Warping
            Step 07 Drawing-in
            Step 08 Weaving
            Step 09 Greige Mending

            Fabric To Garment

            Step 10 Finishing
            Step 11 Fine Mending
            Step 12 Final Control
            Step 13 Cut & Sew Garments

            Fiber to Yarn

            We start by dyeing the raw fiber to the desired shade which is the superior way to achieve lasting color. We then blend the fibers to achieve the desired content such as 100% wool, 90/10 wool/cashmere, or any other combination. We then move to carding where we reduce the thickness of the wool fiber to make a fine roving suitable for spinning into yarn. During the spinning process, we draw that roving out to about 20 times its original length and then twist it to make yarn strong enough for weaving. Last, we transfer the yarn onto large cones and ensure that it is perfect before proceeding to the next process.

            Fiber Dyeing / Blending / Carding / Spinning / Coning

            Yarn to Fabric

            Through the highly skilled process of Dressing/Warping, yarns are organized in a very specific order on a large dressing creel.  Next is the Drawing-In process where the warp beam is prepared for the loom by manually drawing it in the frame to control the weave pattern.  Now weaving, where woven fabrics are formed by the interlacing of warp yarns which are set length ways on the machine, and weft yarns are inserted, usually at right angles, to the warp.  Finally, fabrics are sent to Greige Mending, an important step in quality control, wheree impurities are removed by hand from the raw, unfinished, woven fabric.

            Dressing/Warping / Drawing-In / Weaving / Greige Mending

            Fabric To Garment

            We begin the finishing process by transforming the cloth into a useable material. Both a science and an art, it is up to a highly skilled technician using a combination of 12 different processes involving heat, steam, chemical and water treatments to bring the cloth to life. Next we move on to fine mending where we analyze the fabric inch by inch and remove minor flaws and impurities that were not visible prior to finishing. Final Control is the last step before leaving the mill. Every yard of fabric is meticulously inspected four times before it is packaged for shipping. From here the final samples are put into production for the consumer market.

            Finishing / Fine Mending / Final Control / Cut & Sew Garments

            Fabric Collection

            In keeping with our rich brand heritage, American Woolen continues to design and produce the finest cloth collections that speak to a reimagined New England aesthetic.

            Mill Capabilities

            American Woolen Company produces the finest in natural fiber fabrics, Made in America. Located in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, American Woolen operates the only domestic mill capable of manufacturing fine worsteds, luxurious woolens, and exotic fiber blends, including cashmere and camel hair.

            Fabric Design

            Our highly experienced in-house design team is constantly developing new fabric types for seasonal fabric collections as well as customer requests. For our core collections, we are on a relentless pursuit to redefine a distinctive and recognizable American style aesthetic. We also take great pride in partnering with customers to design and produce distinctive fabrics for their brands.


            We are in the business of reinventing wool and wool blend fabrics so they meet performance demands of today’s customers. These attributes include stretch, water resistance, wind resistance, membranes, bonding, perspiration control, and fire retardance among others.

            Sustainability and Traceability

            American Woolen is committed to environmentally-friendly methods of manufacturing throughout our processes. In addition, we provide fully traceable “fiber-to-fabric” solutions for customers, including100% Made in America.


            Our industrial-scale facility is fully vertical from fiber blending to yarn spinning to weaving and finishing. We also have a full dye house with capabilities to dye yarn as well as piece-dye fabrics. American Woolen is configured to produce technically and aesthetically complex fabrics for the tailored menswear, outdoor and outerwear markets, as well as women’s and high fashion customers.

            American Woolen Team

            WE ARE AWC

            American Woolen Company makes some of the finest fabrics in the world. We're able to do this because we've built a team with combined experience of several centuries. Together, we are AWC.

            Meet the Team

            Jennifer Knight

            20 years / President & COO

            Jacob Harrison Long


            Michael Fournier

            10 yrs / CFO

            David Middleton

            20 yrs / Supervisor (Weaving)

            Armilda Shatra

            Brenda Bosse

            19 yrs / Re-Coner; Creeler

            Bonnie Colburn

            Spinning Operator

            Brian Huff

            Finishing Shearer & Finishing Operator

            Chanjira Boucher

            13 yrs / Mender

            Calob Kominski

            Fulling / Dye House Operator

            Chia Lor


            Chris Paris

            Finishing Operator

            Doralee Graf

            Spinning Operator

            David Miller

            Finishing Supervisor

            Dashmir Shatra

            Draw-In Operator/ Dressing Operator

            Elias Alvarez


            Elimelec Hernandez

            Carding Operator

            Eun Hong

            16 yrs / Senior Technical Designer

            Elieser Rivera

            19 yrs / Blending Operator

            Eno Xhokaxhiu

            12 yrs / Quality Assurance & Testing Manager

            Federica Zagolin

            Senior Design Assistant

            Giuseppe Monteleone

            Director of Operations

            Heather Knowlton

            Quality Assurance Technician

            Heidi Minor

            Staff Accountant

            Hector Rivera

            7.5 yrs / Weave/Drawing In/Dressing Utility

            Israel Ramos

            Carding Operator

            Irving Santiago


            Jonathan Oelrich

            21 yrs / Finishing/Dye Manager

            Jose Ramos

            Fulling Operator

            Jesus Robles

            Finishing / Dye House Operator

            Jocelyn Rodriguez-Wynne

            Dressing Operator

            James Traynor

            Creative Designer

            Kirk Simmons

            27 yrs / Maintenance Mechanic

            Larry Mitta

            Finishing Operator

            Lorelei Silvay

            Customer Service Coordinator

            Laurie Zigadlo

            Part Time Weave Perch/Mender

            Moises Acevedo


            Melinda Kominski

            27 yrs / Dressing Operator

            Manee Lee

            Weave Perch/Mender

            Mee Lo

            Yarn Storage Coordinator

            Maiya Miller

            Samples/Design Assistant

            Paul Anthony

            9 yrs / MIS Manager

            Sarah Colburn

            Spinning Operator

            Sally Jenkyn Jones

            Creative Director - Textiles

            Stewart Knowlton

            27 yrs / Assistant Supervisor (Weaving)

            Scott Kominski

            25 yrs / Carding Supervisor

            Susan Neff

            32 yrs / Draw-In Operator

            Tammy Leach

            Customer Service Supervisor

            Terry Zimmerman

            Wendy Batz

            35 yrs / Samples/Shipping Coordinator

            Xiong Lo

            14 yrs / Weave Perch/Mender

            You Vang


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