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American Woolen Company

Producers of the world’s finest worsted and woolen cloth.
Stafford Springs, CT
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American Woolen Company

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100 Years of
American Wool

American Woolen Company is an important name in the story of American textiles. Founded in 1899 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, American Woolen Company was the world’s largest wool fabric manufacturer in the early part of the 20th century.

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American Woolen Team


American Woolen Company makes some of the finest fabrics in the world. We're able to do this because we've built a team with combined experience of several centuries. Together, we are AWC.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Knight

20 years / President & COO

Jacob Harrison Long


Michael Fournier

10 yrs / CFO

David Middleton

20 yrs / Supervisor (Weaving)

Armilda Shatra

Brenda Bosse

19 yrs / Re-Coner; Creeler

Bonnie Colburn

Spinning Operator

Brian Huff

Finishing Shearer & Finishing Operator

Chanjira Boucher

13 yrs / Mender

Calob Kominski

Fulling / Dye House Operator

Chia Lor


Chris Paris

Finishing Operator

Doralee Graf

Spinning Operator

David Miller

Finishing Supervisor

Dashmir Shatra

Draw-In Operator/ Dressing Operator

Elias Alvarez


Elimelec Hernandez

Carding Operator

Eun Hong

16 yrs / Senior Technical Designer

Elieser Rivera

19 yrs / Blending Operator

Eno Xhokaxhiu

12 yrs / Quality Assurance & Testing Manager

Federica Zagolin

Senior Design Assistant

Giuseppe Monteleone

Director of Operations

Heather Knowlton

Quality Assurance Technician

Heidi Minor

Staff Accountant

Hector Rivera

7.5 yrs / Weave/Drawing In/Dressing Utility

Israel Ramos

Carding Operator

Irving Santiago


Jonathan Oelrich

21 yrs / Finishing/Dye Manager

Jose Ramos

Fulling Operator

Jesus Robles

Finishing / Dye House Operator

Jocelyn Rodriguez-Wynne

Dressing Operator

James Traynor

Creative Designer

Kirk Simmons

27 yrs / Maintenance Mechanic

Larry Mitta

Finishing Operator

Lorelei Silvay

Customer Service Coordinator

Laurie Zigadlo

Part Time Weave Perch/Mender

Moises Acevedo


Melinda Kominski

27 yrs / Dressing Operator

Manee Lee

Weave Perch/Mender

Mee Lo

Yarn Storage Coordinator

Maiya Miller

Samples/Design Assistant

Paul Anthony

9 yrs / MIS Manager

Sarah Colburn

Spinning Operator

Sally Jenkyn Jones

Creative Director - Textiles

Stewart Knowlton

27 yrs / Assistant Supervisor (Weaving)

Scott Kominski

25 yrs / Carding Supervisor

Susan Neff

32 yrs / Draw-In Operator

Tammy Leach

Customer Service Supervisor

Terry Zimmerman

Wendy Batz

35 yrs / Samples/Shipping Coordinator

Xiong Lo

14 yrs / Weave Perch/Mender

You Vang